Business Management, Management Risk, Governance and Ethic.

We are involved in both complicated strategic operations and everyday company management for general management, legal, and operational departments. Our expertise in the search for financial solutions, as well as in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, allows us to help you achieve the financial consolidation of your company. We can assist you in the assessment of management risks and the implementation of processes and tools to protect you against risks related to the use of information technologies (cybersecurity, use of personal data, etc.).

Strategic Advice

We have assisted many businesses in the development of their strategic and business plans. Most executives realize the difficulty of translating a vision into concrete actions. Our tools and expertise allow for the implementation of action plans that engage all employees in their effort to reach common goals.

Legal Advice

We can assist and represent our clients before judicial, administrative, professional or arbitral authorities. We advise our clients from pre-litigation strategy until the execution of the decision, while favouring amicable solutions. The firm has developed a sharp expertise in the main areas of business law: insurance, banking, financial, tax, real estate, construction, urban planning, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of commercial companies, civil and commercial mediation and arbitration.

Recruiting and Human Resources Management

We can help our clients to implement best practices in human resources management: succession plan, training programs, coaching of management team, compensation policies, continuous improvement process, etc.