January 2016:The Concept of Jurist-Manager

To come:Steps to create a company in Algeria
How to do business in the United States


Septembre 14, 2018:Mr. Jules Bernier was invited in My Tho City in Vietnam, by Vietnamese business people, to deliver a lecture on "How to do business with Canadian enterprises".

Septembre 12, 2018: Mr Bernard Truong was invited in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, by Vietnamese business people, to deliver a lecture on "Third Party Risk Management and How to Prevent it".

January 2016:Why Invest in Africa and Algeria
Presentation to business people in Montreal and Toronto

October 26, 2011:Everyone cannot be a manager
Presentation to managers in South-East of the United States

October 9, 2010:Manager : un métier à haut risque
Speech at MDI-Business School in Algeria

February 10, 2009:Programme d’évaluation de rendement
Speech at Université du Québec in Canada


July 18, 2019:Blog Solu-Zone on Mediation

Article from Mr. Jules Bernier

"How to manage conflicts so that everyone wins".


On December 1,2019, "News Release" announcing the arrival of Mr. Bernard Truong (Montreal and Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam), expert in risk management and continuous improvement, and Mr. Abdelhak Benallegue (Algiers), expert in risk management and development strategies.

In August 2019, Mr. Jules Bernier took part in the 2019 Summer Session in Private International Law, which took place at The Hague Academy of International Law in The Netherlands.

In October 2019, Mr. Bernard Truong was invited to be Honorary Advisor of Vietnam ITO CONFERENCE 2019, which took place at Ho Chi Minh City, under the theme “VIETNAM – THE EMERGED DESTINATION FOR INNOVATION.