Mohammed Houhou, Lawyer and manager, has attended university in Algeria and in France and holds a postgraduate degree from the Université Paris II Sorbonne.
Mohammed has a solid expertise in his areas of specialization.
Mohammed Houhou has over fifteen years of experience as a senior executive in the field of company management, both for companies based in Algeria and in France.
He attended Algerian and foreign groups in the realization and optimization of their investments.
The areas of expertise of Mohamed Houhou include both the litigation and council.
In fact, he advises foreign companies located in Algeria on companies and commercial law issues.
He is involved in litigation on issues relating to contractual liability, shareholders disputes and criminal law of business affairs.

Mohammed Houhou

Algiers, Algeria

Jules Bernier, Lawyer, manager, business coach, mediator, arbitrator, has worked for thirty years as a senior human resources management executive for important domestic and international corporations.
Jules Bernier has demonstrated his expertise in various countries, such as Canada, Mexico, France, United States, as well as North and West Africa, where he was expatriated. Over the years, he has developed a great interest in international management and an expertise in international law.
At ease in the role of strategic advisor, he has coached many successful executives and decision makers, on both personal and professional levels, throughout his career.
He has authored several articles on human resources management and he has often been invited to speak at conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops.

Jules Bernier

Montreal, Canada

Marc B. Duquette, Lawyer and manager, assists Canadian and international companies doing business in the United States.
He practiced law with White & Case, a preeminent New York-based global law firm.
He has also acted as Vice-President of Corporate Development and General Counsel of an international holding company based in New York with activities in multiple industries including marketing services, media & entertainment, technology and art.
As one of its top officers, he played a key and decisive role in operations, labor relations, technologies, financing, acquisitions, integration and public relations.
He holds, in addition to degrees in both civil law and common law, a Master in international business law and a MBA (INSEAD).
Mr. Duquette has been living in New York for 15 years, he is Member of the Bar of that State, and has founded a lawfirm in the heart of the business district.

Marc B. Duquette

United States, New York

Caroline Bérubé, Lawyer and manager, has been working in Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, China) for more than 17 years with SMEs, MNCs and foreign banks, advising them in the field of commercial law, intellectual property, human resources and M&A in the Asia Pacific region.
Caroline is highly regarded for her legal expertise in setting up legal and tax corporate structures.
Caroline is a real entrepreneur! She started and managed four successful start-ups, and in the early 2000s she has founded one of the first foreign law firms, owned by a woman, which has offices in China and Singapore.
Caroline is a lecturer at the Laval University in Canada and Sorbonne Assas Law School - Asia Campus.
She is regularly invited, as a speaker, on the international scene.
Caroline holds senior positions in the International Bar Association, Inter-Pacific Bar Association and Primerus.
Caroline is admitted to practice in New York and Singapore and holds a BCL in civil law and LL.B. in common law from McGill University in Canada.
She studied Chinese law at the National University of Singapore and was one of the first foreign lawyers to be admitted to the Singapore Bar.
In 2015, Caroline was selected as the Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum which recognizes the most distinguished leaders under the age of 40.

Caroline Bérubé

China & Singapore


Abdelhak Benallegue, Expert in Risk Management, Management Controls and Development Strategies, Economist by training, Abdelhak Benallegue holds a Degree in Economics, a Master on Foreign Investment in Algeria and a Diploma from the Institute of Public Administration of Algeria, Paris.
During his 40-year career, as a senior executive of the State, he worked for fifteen years at the General Inspection of Finance, where he was the head of several teams in management control and economic evaluations auditing public enterprises in the economic sector.
Accredited as Statutory Auditor, he has led several assignments in various companies commissioned by the highest levels of the State.
It has developed a sound expertise in management, monitoring of external debt and has helped to define the Treasury's intervention management policies in the economic sector.
He was appointed Administrator at the African Development Bank representing Algeria, Madagascar and Guinea Bissaü, and held various positions, including Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee.
He has accompanied and advised several African States in the management of international projects financed by the Bank.

Abdelhak Benallegue

Algiers, Algeria

Bernard Truong, Expert in Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement and Risk Management, Bernard Truong is an accomplished manager with over 25 years of experience in continuous improvement of business processes, customer service, skills development, project management, operations management and risk management.
He began his career in retail where he held a number of executive positions.
He worked for a large consulting group for which he developed and implemented production optimization plans for major organizations.
He was asked to complete a reengineering of the billing function for a major Canadian telecommunications company and launched the first online billing in the country.
He has been invited several times as a speaker at "Billing World" to share his unique experience with telecommunication professionals.
He has also been a member of the Executive Committee of the Global Billing Association in London, Great Britain.
He served as Vice President and Regional Director of Canadian Logistics for one of the world's largest soft drink companies, where he provided strategic leadership for warehouses and distribution centres coast to coast.
He was also Vice President of Operations for a Canadian Retirement Residences Network.
Until recently he was Corporate Director, Risk Management, for one of the largest Canadian banks where he implemented the entire risk management process for third parties.

Bernard Truong

Montreal, Canada

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam